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This ESPON Peer Learning Workshop (PLW) will focus on the green offshore energy potentials of the Black Sea and also on how these potentials could be best exploited in an economically and ecologically sustainable way.


Therewith, this PLW will also be focused on sharing experiences regarding integrated terrestrial and maritime spatial planning with the maximum sustainable impact on both the sea and the adjoining coastal areas and hinterland. As such, the PLW will feed into MARSPLAN-BS II, wherein both Romania and Bulgaria are in process of elaborating their national spatial maritime plans, in cooperation with their neighbours.


The discussions during the event will be structured into three parts:

  • Part 1: Setting the scene with ESPON research, the elaboration of the capacities and policy plans and finally Maritime Spatial Planning and Land Sea Interaction policies
  • Part 2: Good practices, inspirations and possibilities to consider
  • Part 3: Discussions and reactions from neighbouring countries and the audience with final recommendations and conclusions

You will find more information in the attached documents: Pre-event brief (English & Romanian version) and Topic paper based on ESPON evidence.

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Please note this online event will be held on Zoom Platform. Interpretation option will be available as we will have Romanian speakers and English speakers as well. You shall have the possibility to have a Romanian translation or an English translation.