• Friday 15, Apr 2022

PhD and Postdocs in the Black Sea region

Dear stakeholders,


Please find a number of interesting open PhD and postdoctoral fellows on the maritime sector with prestigious regional institutions:

· BRIDGE-BS Blue Growth Ph.D. program, METU, IO-BAS, Georgia (4 different positions) http://bridgeblacksea.org/index.php/2022/01/10/call-for-ph-d-position-within-bridge-bs-project/

· Postdoctoral fellow on chemical oceanography, METU-IMS, https://ims.metu.edu.tr/postdoctoral-fellow-chemical-oceanography

· Postdoctoral Fellow on Marine Ecosystem and Biogeochemical Modelling, METU-IMS, https://ims.metu.edu.tr/postdoctoral-fellow-marine-ecosystem-and-biogeochemical-modelling

· Community and Stakeholder Engagement Expert, METU-IMS, https://ims.metu.edu.tr/community-and-stakeholder-engagement-expert 


Kind regards,