• Thursday 28, Apr 2022

BRIDGE-BS: Survey on Ocean Literacy in the Black Sea Basins

On behalf of the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) we would like to invite you to complete a survey that will help us map and document the recent Ocean Literacy (OL) projects and activities in the Black Sea Basin (BSB) as part of the BRIDGE-BS project. EMSEA is a network of marine science educators acting as one voice across Europe and beyond, to promote and deliver Ocean Literacy across society by working with scientists, teachers, policy makers and the public (for details please see our website EMSEA).

BRIDGE-BS will establish OL Network for the first time in the BSB to develop ownership and stewardship for the protection of the Black Sea. This Network will bring together marine scientists, educators, ocean professionals and anyone who is enthusiastic and curious about the Black Sea nature.

The OL concept was introduced a decade ago in Europe. However, many organizations and individuals in the Black Sea countries have a longer history of teaching about their sea and engaging communities. Information about such teaching and engagement activities, which we collectively refer to as OL Initiatives, is sporadic and hardly obtainable, because it has never been inventoried in a consistent manner. Examples of OL Initiatives are fieldtrips to coastal reserves, citizen science activities, competitions for youngsters, school projects, teacher workshops, species poster exhibitions, information portals, science class protocols, beach cleaning trips and any education and outreach activities related to the Black Sea. 

Bridge-BS aims to inventorize, document and map recent OL projects and initiatives in the Black Sea region, which started in 2012 or later. Identifying OL projects and initiatives is the starting point of building the Black Sea Literacy Network.

We kindly invite you to submit your project(s) by filling in the survey questionnaire. Please submit a new form for every project and/or initiative and please do so by Friday, May 6 the latest. Also, please share this request within your network to help us map all the initiatives and projects.

Thank you in advance!