Event: BSEC-DG MARE-ICBSS Online Workshop on Black Sea projects for Blue Economy

Date: 02/10/2020

Press Release



  • Tuesday 16, Feb 2021
Blue Economy Window call just launched

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund launches a new call to support the sustainable development of the blue economy SMEs across the European Union. The call for proposals constitutes one of the many stepping stones to the European Union’ Green Deal goals. Under the Blue Economy Window call, the SMEs can apply as single entities or consortia. The overall budget is €20 million.

Under the 2020 call, organisations can get up to 70% co-funding for their projects with an average EU contribution between €700.000 and € 2.500.000. Any for-profit SME based in the EU (single participant or a member of a consortium) can apply. The deadline of the call is 16 February 2021.

Link : https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/news/blue-economy-window-call-just-launched

  • Thursday 14, Jan 2021
World Bank - Blueing the Black Sea Programme (BBSEA)

The Permanent International Secretariat of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC PERMIS) has been invited to act as the Executing Entity of the “Blueing of the Black Sea” Regional Project (BBSEA) supported by the World Bank. The project is funded by the Global Environmental Facility and aims at tackling marine pollution and catalyzing blue economy investments in the Black Sea region. This way, it will practically help Black Sea riparian countries substantiate their efforts in advancing a shared vision for a sustainable and better valued Black Sea backed by concrete projects, as stipulated in the 2019 Common Maritime Agenda.

To prepare the BBSEA, BSEC PERMIS is planning a series of national consultations in the Black Sea riparian countries, incl. the Republic of Moldova, to introduce the planned action, build partnerships with key institutional and private stakeholders at national level and seek critical inputs on the project architecture. The specific objective of the consultations consists in consulting the respective stakeholder communities (institutional, business, academia and civil society) working on marine pollution on the state of play, pressing issues and priorities related to pollution prevention, reduction and the control in the Black Sea, as well as the opportunities that result in the process. The results of the consultations will inform the architecture and implementation modalities of a planned “Blueing of the Black Sea” regional project.

Click here to find further information of the  BBSEA Regional Project

  • Monday 21, Dec 2020
Integrated advanced training course on Blue Biotechnol...

BlueMed would like to share the following information related to the Integrated advanced training course on Blue Biotechnologies, Aquatic products and Blue Bio-economy that will take place on the 15 – 19 March 2021 at the National Research Council of Italy, Messina (Sicily) and also online. 

The training course, jointly organised by BlueMed CSA and the BlueBio ERANET COFUND, is open for applications until 21st December 2020.

Specific objectives of the course

The advanced training course aims at contributing to the creation of ‘blue skills’, filling knowledge gaps while matching market opportunities via a joint effort among the scientific community, research infrastructures and business operators. The program will offer the opportunity of increasing awareness about marine biotechnology purposes, and also promoting the progress of the research results through the pipeline up to the market, identifying technological and legal bottlenecks step by step and prospecting solutions.

Encouraging teachers-students dialogue, the course will also be an opportunity to effectively interact with stakeholders and end-users.

At the end of the course the attendees are expected to:

  1. Be aware of the significance of marine biotechnology in a broad sense.
  2. Know the application fields, tools and opportunities.
  3. Know the limits and identify overcoming strategies (e.g. available infrastructures).
  4. Identify intra/interdisciplinary interaction strategies.
  5. Know examples of best practices related to real-life experiences.
  6. Be aware of the global market on marine biotech and development trends.
  7. Identify internship opportunities with industrial partners on the basis of the products and services available.

Further information on the  draft programme  and registrations  here.


  • Monday 21, Dec 2020
EU funding for the fisheries, aquaculture and processin...

The latest implementation report of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) is now available. It highlights the most important achievements supported by the EMFF across the EU. The report is based on data provided by the Member States, reflecting the state of implementation at the end of 2019. The first data reflecting the impacts of Covid-19 are due to be reported by the Member States at the end of April 2021 and will feature in the next report.

The report shows that by the end of 2019, €3.21 billion of EMFF support was committed to operations in the Member States. This corresponds to 55.8% of the €5.69 billion EMFF funding available to the Member States.

€1.4 billion of the support committed contributes to the objective of enhancing the competitiveness of Small to Medium sized Enterprises, while €1.3 billion (i.e. 40% of support committed so far) is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment. The remaining €0.5 billion was committed to a variety of topics, which notably include promoting quality employment and labour mobility.