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The SEArica Intergroup is pleased to organise an event on the implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan in coastal and island regions with the support of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions.

The Action Plan was adopted in March 2020 by the European Commission and announces initiatives along the entire life cycle of products. It targets how products are designed, promotes circular economy processes, encourages sustainable consumption, and aims to ensure that waste is prevented, and the resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible. It introduces legislative and non-legislative measures targeting areas where action at the EU level brings real added value.

For maritime sectors, such as fisheries and aquaculture, port activities, shipbuilding/repair and coastal tourism, a huge sustainability potential lies within circularity. Coastal regions promote the implementation of circular solutions and can provide great input on the regional best practices developed so far and on the difficulties and loopholes encountered.

The event will be an opportunity to stock-take the concrete implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan in maritime sectors as well as to identify concrete measures to help maritime and coastal regions implement the Action Plan. After assessing the state of play of the EU Commission’s action Plan, the focus will be on the EU Parliament’s contribution to the reflection.

The event will be hosted by SEArica Vice-Chair for SMEs and Digitalisation MEP Josianne Cutajar.


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