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The webinar is about the emerging Blue Economy engagement in ECA, a new frontier for the Region. It will present why Blue Economy is important for ECA, and what is different in the ECA’s emerging Blue Economy Program. The session will focus on enclosed and semi-enclosed seas (Adriatic, Black, and Caspian) that experience greater stress and competition for constrained space, and higher contribution of wastewater and nutrient pollution due to non-existent or limited exchange with open ocean. This session will also cover the need for regional cooperation as well as the interest in aquaculture and in coastal tourism. 

The roundtable will discuss the challenges and needs for countries to implement cross-sectoral coordination, sustainability, and inclusiveness, as well as  work together to protect the shared seas, in alignment with the EU Green Deal, ECA’s Green Transition agenda, and COVID-19 recovery plans. For many countries, Blue Economy promises new drivers of inclusive development, job creation, and economic diversification. The session will then present how the World Bank is supporting Albania, Black Sea countries, and Kazakhstan in laying the foundations for a Blue Economy approach, followed by a moderated Q&A session.

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Kseniya Lvovsky, Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy in Europe and Central Asia, World Bank


Round Table:

Dr. Florensa Haxhi, Director General, Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, Office of Prime Minister of Albania

Auguste T. Kouamé, Country Director for the Republic of Turkey, World Bank

Steven Schonberger, Regional Director for Sustainable Development Europe and Central Asia, World Bank


World Bank Support to ECA Countries:

Albania: The Vision and the Path to Realizing the Blue Economy Potential

Drita Dade, Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist, ENB ECA


Blueing the Black Sea Program: A Holistic Approach in Bulgaria and Adaptation Options in Georgia

Paola Agostini, Lead Natural Resources Specialist, ENB ECA

Eolina Milova, Senior Environmental Specialist, ENB ECA

Darejan Kapanadze, Senior Environmental Specialist, ENB ECA


Kazakhstan: Growth Potential of Fisheries and Aquaculture

JB Collier, Senior Environmental Specialist, ENB ECA