• Friday 19, Nov 2021

Tourism 4.0 the Black Sea (T4BS) High-Level Forum - Tourism, Digitalisation and Sustainable development for the Black Sea

The event presented to 25 on-site and over 57 on-line participants the findings of the T4BS project, running since 2019, which explores European pathway towards a resilient and competitive tourism ecosystem, sustainable tourism destinations and services, and digitalisation of tourism.

The Forum discussed opportunities and challenges of co-creating a vision of a sustainable, digital transition towards a resilient tourism ecosystem, with respect to the EU Green Deal and the Digital Decade.

A key success factor is digitalisation. Digitalisation is a driver for resilient, sustainable tourism in Europe. The Forum primarily focused on data and how data can be leveraged towards this goal, including Big data good practices.

The following key challenges were addressed in highly interactive panel sessions:
● Lack of data-sharing among players to support data-enabled solutions.
● Low level of digitalisation of tourism destinations.
● Insufficient knowledge base of the tourism ecosystem (monitoring, identification of data sources, data leveraging).

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