• Wednesday 01, Jun 2022

BRIDGE-BS Ocean Literacy Network in the Black Sea Basin

BRIDGE-BS aims to advance the Black Sea’s marine research and innovation to co-develop Blue Growth pathways under multi-stressors for the sustainable utilization of the ecosystem services. To do so it will develop an ecosystem-based management framework to enable policy uptake and foster citizen engagement. To this end BRIDGE-BS will try to establish an Ocean Literature Network that:

  1. It will be built to develop ownership and stewardship for the protection of the Black Sea. 
  2. This Network will bring together marine scientists, educators, and ocean professionals.
  3. It will serve a knowledge base for anyone who is enthusiastic and curious about the Black Sea. 

The Ocean Literacy concept was introduced in Europe a decade ago. However, many organizations and individuals in the Black Sea countries have a longer history of teaching about their sea and engaging communities. Information about such teaching and engagement activities, which we collectively refer to as the Ocean Literacy Initiatives, is sporadic and hardly obtainable because it has never been inventoried consistently. Lack of information on Ocean Literacy Initiatives at the Black Sea Basin precludess effective collaboration and sharing of best practices among educators. To address this issue, EMSEA is working, as part of the BRIDGE-BS project, on inventorying, documenting and mapping ongoing and recent Ocean Literacy projects and initiatives in the Black Sea Basin that began in 2012 or later. Based on identified Ocean Literacy projects and initiatives we will build the Black Sea Literacy Network, through various team-building and stakeholder engagement strategies. 

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