• Tuesday 05, Sep 2023

Large scale RESToration of COASTal ecosystems through rivers to sea connectivity - REST COAST

Dear readers,

The EU Green Deal project “Large scale RESToration of COASTal ecosystems through rivers to sea connectivity - REST COAST” is aiming to demonstrate to what extent upscaled coastal restoration can provide a low-carbon adaptation, reducing risks and providing gains in biodiversity for vulnerable coastal ecosystems, such as wetlands or sea grass beds. There are 9 pilot sites, representative for the main EU marine regional seas and coastal areas: the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The project brings together 38 partners to assess ecosystem services from coastal marshes, seabed meadows and coastal dunes, to reduce erosion and flooding risks, while enhancing biodiversity, food provisioning, water purification and blue carbon. 

Further information concerning the project can be found at: https://rest-coast.eu/, as well as at: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101037097

An initiative for expert assessment of some ecosystem service (ES) delivered by several benthic habitats has emerged within the context of the REST COAST. In order to fulfil this task regarding the Black Sea habitats, it is necessary experts from the Black Sea to evaluate the ES delivered by different coastal benthic habitats.

With this respect, we kindly ask each and every one of you to take part into the process of ES delivery assessment. Please, note that participation by filling in this survey (questionnaire) is entirely voluntary. In order to decrease biases and improve representativeness of the assessment, it is recommendable as many respondents as possible to complete the survey. 

We kindly ask you to complete the survey by September 15th, 2023.

Should you have any questions, please contact Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Valchev, Team leader of Bulgarian participation in REST COAST at: office@io-bas.bg Your contribution will be highly appreciated. 

We would like to thank you in advance for your valuable time and efforts.