BlueInvest Day has been the cornerstone event for the European Union's Blue Economy since its inception in 2018. As we gear up for the 7th edition in 2024, we invite you to be a part of this unparalleled gathering of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and investors committed to fostering innovation and sustainability in the EU Blue Economy.

The spotlight of BlueInvest Day lies on both successful and high-potential investment initiatives, emphasising their impact on sustainability and their transformative potential.

Our Mission: our mission is clear – to provide a dynamic platform for existing and potential members of the BlueInvest Community to converge. This annual event is designed to catalyse investment and innovation initiatives within the Blue Economy, promoting sustainability and transformative impact across industries.

Why Attend BlueInvest Day 2024?


           1. Networking Opportunities:

Connect with your peers in a thriving environment, where members of the BlueInvest Community engage, foster collaboration and share valuable insights.

Forge partnerships that drive innovation and investment in the Blue Economy

Discover high-potential investment opportunities that align with your sustainability goals or meet your investor

           2. Showcasing Success Stories:

Connect and gain insights from successful Blue Economy partnerships that have made a positive impact thanks to the BlueInvest

            3.  BlueInvest Investor Report:

Be the first to access and explore the latest BlueInvest Investor Report, a comprehensive resource providing a roadmap for strategic investment in the Blue Economy, which is officially released during BlueInvest Day

Stay informed about key trends and emerging opportunities in the Blue Economy

            4. Pitch your innovation and win a BlueInvest Award:

You are a startup, SME or project with innovative solution and are looking for investments? Top companies will have the chance to pitch on stage to a panel of investors at BlueInvest Day 2024 and you can be a part of it!

Award categories include I. Net zero and decarbonisation, II. Sustainable food and feed from the ocean, and III. Smart solutions for sustainable ocean exploration and utilisation

Save the Date for BlueInvest Day 2024


Mark your calendars for 7th of March 2024 as we converge once again for BlueInvest Day. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this transformative event that shapes the future of the Blue Economy.

Be a catalyst for change. See you at BlueInvest Day 2024!


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BlueInvest Day is the main blue economy matchmaking event in the EU since 2018, bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. It is part of the European Ocean Days, taking place from 4th to 9th of March 2024 in Brussels. 

This year's BlueInvest Day will place on Thursday, 07 March 2024 in Brussels at the Royal Library of Belgium.