• Monday 24, Jun 2024


Dear stakeholders,

As most of you already know, under Subtask 9.1.3 Establish a Science-Technology-Policy English language MOOC on Blue Growth, we will design and develop a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) related to be created in line with the BRIDGE-BS objectives and expected outcomes. 

Here in this stage will need your input and support to better design the BRIDGE-BS MOOC. So as a first step, I will kindly ask you to fill the following survey until June 23, 2024 and share the survey with your colleagues who have similar experience and help us with reaching the right tools / platforms.

MOOC Survey Link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15JxzriV4qzzSEEyHBXlhTphj5AgmvewXbn156kTbPz4/edit

While filling out the survey please keep in mind that the main goals of the MOOC are to equip Early Career Ocean Professionals with the necessary theoretical and practical skills in marine research as well as inform a range of stakeholders about the research conducted for developing a sustainable Blue Economy in the Black Sea region.