• Tuesday 19, Jan 2021

The World Bank - Blueing the Black Sea GEF Regional project (P173890)

In support of the Common Maritime Agenda, the Blueing the Black Sea (BBSEA) Program supported by the World Bank and its partners would be aming at catalyzing blue economy investments for the Black Sea.  The initial step of building a coherent BBSEA Program is focused on the Pillar 1 “Save the Sea” that is aiming at reducing pollution in the Black Sea. Two instruments are considered for the realization of these first step: (i) PROBLUE Regional Analytical Work, executed by the World Bank (US$ 400,000) has been approved and will support national diagnostic on pollution and synthetize the results in a regional report and; (ii) the proposed GEF grant in an amount of US$ 6.4 million, financed under the International Water window. Although the proposed Project would benefit all Black Sea countries through knowledge exchange and standards building, national level activity would take place only in the four GEF eligible countries (Georgia, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine) in accordance with GEF policies in the current context of the Black Sea. The ambition of the Project would be, however, to progressively include all Black Sea countries through additional financing. The Program is an instrument to enhance synergies of the IBRD financed projects in Black Sea Countries, including amongst others the Integrated Regional and Local Development Project in Georgia (P169747), the Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project (P173076), theTurkey Integrated Landscapes Management Project (P172562) and the Assessment for Climate Change Impact Opportunities, and Priorities for Ukraine (P171986) and the Blue Economy policy notes in Bulgaria (P167719) and in Russia (P171509).

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